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June 14th, 2000
Miss Freei U-25
World Record Holder

Miss Freei U-25

Hi Air Race Fans,
My name is Hollis Clark. My Dad, Bill, (the Air Race Addict), hurt his back
and can't sit for long times, so I'm writing this for him while he dictates to me.
On Wednesday, the 14th of June, my dad went to Seattle to watch the Superior
Racing Team and the U-25 go for the World Speed Record for the Flying Mile
for prop driven boats, a record that has stood since 1962!
Brad Haskins, a fellow Air Race Addict, writer, U-25 crewmember, and all-around
nice guy, was kind enough to show my dad around the boat, where he was able
to take the pictures in the gallery below. Thanks Brad, this page is for you.
Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and the driver, Russ Wicks and
Miss Freei were only able to make a test run, (which my dad did get to see). On
June 15th, the following day, the record fell to Miss Freei at a speed of 205.494 Miles
Per Hour. The previous record was 201 MPH. My dad couldn't make it back to
Seattle and Lake Washington to see it, but Brad was there and you can read the
spiel at Superior Racing Website by clicking on the link at the left.
Please enjoy this gallery, and if you would like a larger view, you can click
on the picture and it will magically appear in a larger size.

Also, please visit They are a 100% free Internet Service Provider.
You can get there by clicking on the logo. The service really does work very well. I
use it myself. So.....
Thanks for visiting,
Hollis Clark, Young Air Race Addict (for my Dad)

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